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Defect Analysis & Repairs

Remedial Fixx Building Surveyors possess a crucial skill set that includes a comprehensive understanding of various construction methods and the ability to identify defects within a structure. With a solid knowledge of building pathology, they can accurately specify and monitor the appropriate method for defect repair. Ignored defects have the potential to escalate into more significant issues rapidly.

Remedial Fixx's Property Defect Analysis Report is centered on a specific issue within a property. The inspection and report are designed to determine the cause and cost of the defect and subsequently outline the required solution to rectify and address the issue.

Property defects can be perplexing and costly for homeowners, and obtaining subpar advice can lead to expensive and unnecessary contractor repairs. Remedial Fixx, through our experienced and qualified team of Surveyors, strives to prevent such mistakes and facilitate the rectification of defects in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Our service professionals take the time to listen carefully to your questions and concerns before embarking on a project. Leveraging advanced technology and reliable methods, we can help you pinpoint the cause and origin of any defect and provide solutions to prevent it from recurring.

For building detection and reporting services throughout Australia, please don't hesitate to contact us at ((02) 722 88 066.

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